Spiked Leather Spanking Gloves “Painfreak 2”


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Feel the real deal!
BDSM Sextoy, perfect toy for spanking, rough sex or gentle massages! Give massage with a subtle blend of shivers and little pain.
Good for beginners as well as for experienced SM freaks.

· !! NEW Screws are covered in the inside with lining NEW!!
· Genuine, soft leather.
· Military design.
· No warm lining for best comfort.
· Spikes are not super sharp but still effektive for spanking. 😉
· Metal claws on a metal thimble inside to generate pressure
· Size S should fit for women.
· Tight fit, order one size up in case of doubt
· You get a pair of spiked gloves.

Immerse yourself in the world of sensual dominance with our exclusive BDSM Leather Glove featuring spikes in the palm and claw son each finger. This masterfully crafted accessory is designed for enthusiasts seeking intense, captivating moments, combining high-quality leather with powerful spikes and claws to deliver an unparalleled experience.

The glove’s soft yet durable leather molds to the hand, providing a sense of luxury and comfort. The palm is adorned with carefully placed spikes to enhance sensory pleasure and create an additional dimension of stimulation. The sharp tips of the spikes are engineered to leave a tingling, exciting sensation on the skin without causing too much pain.

Whether you’re exploring dominant or submissive tendencies, this BDSM Leather Glove with Spikes is the perfect instrument to bring intensity and passion into your relationship. Elevate your intimate moments to new heights and together, discover the fascinating world of sensual dominance.

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