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*Send me a professional foto of your costume with the ultimate claw gloves and get 50% money back!!*

XS is a Kids Size for about 9-13 Year old kids or women with small hands

Leather Glove with Silicone Claws for Versatile Costumes

Elevate your costumes with our Leather Glove featuring PVC Claws. This accessory is perfect for a myriad of costumes, adding a fascinating and unique touch to your ensemble.

Material and Design:
Crafted from high-quality leather, this glove not only ensures durability but also provides a comfortable wearing experience with no warm lining. The distinctive silicone claws are seamlessly integrated into the design, adding an impressive and mysterious touch to your costume. Bone color claws have a nice dirt effect for a creepy look. The gloves are frayed at the fingertip for a good transition to the claws.

Versatile Applications:
Whether you’re portraying a mystical creature, a dark superhero, or a menacing entity, this Leather Glove is the perfect accessory. It effortlessly integrates into various costume themes, elevating your appearance with a captivating edge.

Comfort and Freedom of Movement:
Beyond its visual appeal, the glove prioritizes comfort. The supple texture of the leather and the flexible design allow for optimal freedom of movement, ensuring you can navigate your costume role with ease.

Unique Design Element:
The silicone claws are not only attention-grabbing but also safe and slightly flexible, creating an authentic effect. They add that extra flair to your costume, setting it apart and capturing attention wherever you go.

Ideal for Events:
Whether it’s Halloween, Carnival, Cosplay, or a themed party, this Leather Glove with Silicone Claws is the ideal accessory to perfect your costume. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in the character of your choice, making your appearance memorable. Suites to all themes like Post-apocalyptic, Pest Doctor, Anime, Krampus, Skeleton, Reaper, Goblin, Steampunk, Creature, Fantasy, Black Panther, Werewolf, Gargoyle, Vampire, Witcher, Orc , Haunted House, Halloween and other Horror Costumes

Give your costume a distinctive touch with our Leather Glove featuring Silicone Claws. An accessory that not only stands out but also ensures your portrayal is unforgettable.

· Flexible PVC claws
· LARP safe
· NO risk of injury
· No lining for best comfort
· Real leather, soft quality gloves
· A pair of gloves

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5 reviews for Claw Leather Gloves

  1. Gloribet A.R.

    Great gift for a larper

  2. Sebastian Wolf

    The product is amazing and great quality. A small issue with the item being delayed in being made resulting in a late delivery outside the delivery window – but amazing and generous customer service to rectify this and leave the customer satisfied. Thank you!

  3. paulzilla1

    Super Dope Ass gloves! Nice quality. Will buy from this shop again.

  4. Jack

    Brilliant seller and very fast delivery. Always responded to my messages regarding my order. Very satisfied with gloves. Thank you

  5. Chrissy T

    Quick to reply with a question I had

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