Leather Gloves “Ancient King” (Mummy, Ghost, Horror, Undead)


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Dark Souls inspired distressed horror gloves, thin leather for best comfort during your event. You will look like you have just crawled out of your grave, your fingers are black from digging through the dirt but you did not lose your grace, you are still king, the ancient king who joins the ever growing army of the undead!

Fits to all Horror or medieval, post-apocalyptic, Fantasy costumes: knight, lich, ghoul, zombie, demon, Graveyard, tomb, undead, skeleton, reaper, necromancer, wizard, warlock, warlord, mummy

Every pair is a unique build made by hand in germany.

· Base are vintage military gloves, distressed for best wornout look.
· valuable, ancient looking rotten tissue
· silver/gold button at the back
· Genuine leather, no ultra thin halloween crap.
· Color may differ from darkgray to black.
· Size S should fit for most women.

Ask me for a complete horror costume!

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