Post Apocalyptic Spike Leather Gloves (Punk, Gothic, Wasteland, Mad Max, Black Metal)


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Distressed Post-apocalyptic spiked gloves, thin leather for best comfort during your event. Rivets are screwed and additionally glued with special screw glue – you will not loose them!
The spike rivets are a bit sanded down, so you will not hurt you or others by accident (only in distressed look)
You can use them for stage-outfit, biker events, music festivals, photo and video shootings or at comic con for your costume or just every day because you are badass.
You can choose between distressed and new patina.
Distressed will have several scratches and a dusty patina. They look like right out of a post-apocalyptic movie! New patina will shine in the typical genuine leather look.

· Base are german vintage military gloves, distressed for best post-apocalyptic look or new look.
· Genuine, soft leather, no ultra thin fake halloween crap.
· screwed rivets with gunmetal color and additionally glued with special glue.
· Color may differ from darkgray to black.
· Size S should fit for women.
· NEW: I have a new supplier: all gloves are best quality and have a nice leather smell, NO old rotten cellar flavour 😉


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